Wednesday, August 16, 2006

MapYourAncestors is back and better!!

To celebrate one year of being online, we have just released a new version of our FREE ancestry mapping service. We now provide five map types for you to display your genealogy:

Family Tree Maps
(example - Bush Family Tree)

Getting started is easy. As you build your family tree, your ancestors will be plotted on a Google Map that you can keep private or share with others.

Life Chronology Maps
(example - Clinton Life Map)

Trace your ancestors around the globe as you record their life events. Upload photos to add life to your maps.

Satellite Maps
(example - Hike up the 'Y')

Overlook your ancesotor's home from above. Draw any route on this map type.

Family Directory Maps

Whether it be your family directory or favorite camping spots, use MapYourAncestors to display and share your favorite spots.

Event Chronology Maps

Keep track of last year's road trip or backpacking adventure. Zoom in on the satellite map.


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